Remebering Dadi Prakashmani

Dadi Prakashmani: Spiritual Head

In 1969, Dadi Prakashmani was appointed Chief Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris when the organisation was still a national entity. With generosity of spirit and unlimited vision as her prime motivators she has been able to guide the organisation in its tremendous global growth. For her, administering so many centres in so many countries is like being a guardian to a global family. When asked "how do you manage?" she replies with a smile which fuses lightness with authority: "Like a family, the basis of this organisation is love, and it flourishes because it is nourished with trust and respect".

Dadi Prakashmani Gulzar

Dadi Prakashmani Recognised

Dadi Prakashmani has served on a number of international committees, hosted a series of global conferences and received various honours and medals. In 1984 she was awarded a UN Peace Medal for services rendered to world peace. She holds an honorary Doctor of Literature Degree from the Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India for her outstanding contribution in the field of moral and spiritual education. She served as one of the Presidents of the Parliament of World's Religions convened in 1993 and is a signatory to The Declaration of Global Ethics adopted by religious and spiritual leaders at that assembly.

She was a sister and leader she left body in 2007 her influence can still be felt today through those she love and loved her.

"Only a powerful soul can offer love. Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble. If we are weak, then we become selfish. If we are empty, we take; but if we are filled, we automatically give to all. That is our nature." -Dadi Prakashmani

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