Prophetic Declaration in Song - Take Dominion

Prophetic declaration given in song by the Holy Spirit from the Word of YAHWEH our God. A memorable prophetic time of spontaneous worship recorded during a set at ZHOP Charlotte. Glory to the LORD. Tim and Melody Brock blessed us all by joining us that Mothers Day afternoon on flute and violin. Much birthing here and some warfare too. We went deep into the prophetic as we saw prodicals coming home to Christ during the Holy Spirits travail that day. Still much is yet to be understood from this special intercession and worship time. The LORD has made it clear to His people that they are to take the dominion as He takes it thru them and posses the land HE has given us. Even from the beginning He told Adam to have the dominion. We are declaring His Generation. Holy. Thank You LORD for Jesus Christ Your only begotten Son who died for our sins and gave that dominion back to us by His death on the cross and resurection. Thank You Holy Father we are now seated with Jesus in His Heavenly place! He has given us authority through His Word and our names are written in Your Lambs Book of Life. Luke 10:19-20 and Ephesians.

After much research in the Holy scriptures and through much prayer and hearing the teachings of many on both sides of the rapture or no rapture theology Gary & Rhonda of Lily Band Psalmist firmly believe that surely Jesus Christ will set up His Kingdom when He returns to reign for the 1,000 yrs. Jesus will establish His righteous government with His return and it will not be dependent upon His Bride establishing it for Him before He returns. Gary & Rhonda believe the LORD is speaking fervently to His people to let His dominion rule through us now to reap the souls in His harvest as the time is very near to Him rapturing His Bride away before the 7yr tribulation takes place. The 7 yr tribulation is a snare to all that are left behind. Luke 21:35. Jesus went to go and prepare a place for us and He will return to t

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