Andy Willoughby with the 3 Step Plan

If your father called you and said listen closely to what I'm about to say, don't ever forget this advice, remember it always, these words are the secret to life. Would he get your attention? Hopefully he answers yes. King Solomon, known as the wisest man to ever live, made that statement in a letter to his child. I have a copy of that letter, would you like to know what the advice was? Of course you would. Solomon said Be careful of what you think for your thoughts will run your life. Don't tell lies; if you're not sure something is true don't say it. Look to do the right thing in all circumstances. Don't let the temptation to do wrong steal your attention for even a moment. Make doing the right thing your habit. If you're not sure its the right thing to do don't do it. Stay away from people, places or anything that would influence you to do the wrong thing. You might want to share this advice with your own children. This is Andy Willoughby with maximum achievement principles.

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