Crimson World

BABBLE: So I know it may get jumpy at some points but one of my themes for this video was a ( game type world) like in one of those survival type games. This is for 12ang45's contest ^^


Rosso and Vincent were childhood friends. But soon Lucrecia and Vincent's love tore them apart. (That's why Lightining is in the sky, she represents the past Rosso) Now Rosso's evil. Vincent wants to remain friends, she doesn't. He ripped her heart apart and threw it in the trash. Then one day she texts him. Vincent. Come. He runs, finding the place shortly. As he appproaches memories of Lucrecia start to haunt him. He has entered Rosso's virtual world. A world of survival and fear. "You haven't changed" She says coming out from the shadows. He pulls out his gun seeing her intentions. She flickers in and out. Vincent has entered her Game now.

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