Glory To The King

My own composition! Sorry for the bad recording. Enjoy!

Lyrics by Edward Chong
Music by Edward Chong

A new revival has fall upon us
A new sensation is holding on to us
A new beginning, a new life living
It's all because of You Lord Jesus Christ

Come Holy Spirit, move in our midst
We need Your presence to fill us completely
Oh what a blessing to know You Jesus
It's all because of Your amazing love

You are the Lord Almighty
Creator of everything
I'm gonna sing out to You
Glory to the King
I'm living for You Jesus
Not holding back no more now
I'm gonna shout out to You
Glory to the King

I stand before You, my hands raised to You
My life surrendered, come use me now
I'll live my whole life, to bring You praises
It's all because of what You've done for me

To You I lay my life down
You are my Lord and Saviour
I'll worship You forever
And I'll sing glory to the King
You've captivated my soul
My heart belongs to You now
Oh Lord You are everything to me

(Copyright 2008)

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