"Visualize" by Dotti Holmberg

I wrote "Visualize" in the late Sixties. This recording is a demo I cut with my guitarist, Randy Garcia, and his neighbor "Sam" who played the keyboard & percussion & we recorded it on my Grundig four track recorder. After The Goldebriars disbanned, I began writing many songs. This song was given it's title by my birth mom that I first met (since 7 months old) in Los Angeles in my early 20's (I was born in Los Angeles, along with my sister Sheri & Brother Gary but our mom & dad divorced and we kids were put on a train to Minnesota & our mom stayed in California). I sang her the song on the phone and she said to name it "Visualize". This same song is on my "Stop & Think" CD by The Right Choice Kids, my 90's music group, under the name "Looking Glass".
You can find the Sometimes Happy Times CD at www.thegoldebriars.com

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