Mad Minute! (Christian Rock Band promo)

Mad Minute!  (Christian Rock Band promo)

A few years ago a friend of mine, named Michael, came to me and asked me to take some promotional photos for him to highlight a Christian rock band that he was starting.

The name, Mad Minute, was taken from the Viet Nam War era. He explained it to me this way, "Mad Minute was the slang used by the boys who were flown into the battle zone by helicopter. A mad minute was about all they had to get there, disembark, and take cover before being overcome by the enemy!"

The band hasn't really solidified because the lead singer/organizer, Michael, moved across the country to go to college. Yet, I still thought the promo was pretty good, and maybe the LORD will use this promo to spark interest so I can get on the phone & call the boys "out-of-mothballs."

"Hand-over-my-heart" Thanks to anyone out there who survived one or more "mad minutes"! You fought hard in a war that might best be called a "House of Mirrors," and you returned Home to shame from people who didn't understand...

But I understand what my Dad lived before me, Always Revere the Men & Women who Fight to Keep this a Free Nation!