April Rain -- an original song about facing difficult times

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Joe C. Ellis

This is an original song that might help you understand how God uses the difficult times in life to make us grow.

Words and music copyright 2008 by Joe C. Ellis

Here are the lyrics to April Rain:

April Rain,

April Rain,

Come take my hand,

We'll walk down this lane.

Look in my eyes.

I'll try to explain,

How sad hearts cause April rain.

April Rain,

April Rain,

Teardrops may fall,

Again and Again.

Angels on high,

Are feeling your pain.

Down Comes the April rain.


Angels and April

Are part of God's plan.

Raindrops and teardrops,

Are both good for man.

One waters the soul,

One waters the land.

It's okay to cry,

Like the angels on high

April rain,

April rain,

Sinks down in the earth,

And reaches the grain.

The seed in your heart,

Is almost the same,

When it's touched by the April rain.

Repeat Chorus.

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