Curious Dog Steals Reporter's Microphone On Live TV

Curious Dog Steals Reporter's Microphone On Live TV

When God created dogs he broke the mold; no other creature on this planet is as energetic, mischievous, fun-loving, and loyal. Dogs also happen to be smart, intuitive, and curious. So it’s no surprise when their curiosity gets them into a mishap from time to time, especially when a curious dog steals a reporter’s microphone on live TV.

A Golden Retriever by the name of Martin was living his best life in Russia when a weather anchor happened to be reporting live at a park. The scene was set for a cloudy, gloomy day of rain and by the looks on the news anchor’s face, it seems her viewers would be expecting more gray skies. Or maybe she opted to give a live update outdoors because she wanted to take advantage of warmer temperatures.

Either way, her presence in the park was too much and the whole situation seemed to be begging for a good game of fetch! Martin couldn’t help but take advantage of the moment. After all, the microphone was obviously a big chew toy, right?

The fluffy and mischievous Golden Retriever bounds into the shot, leaps up onto the weather anchor, and makes a grab for the mic before flashing out of the scene and trotting off with his newfound toy.

But that scene isn’t as nearly as priceless as the studio reporter’s face back at the station. The woman’s look seems to say, “Did that just happen on camera? Did a dog seriously cut into our weather segment and steal the show?”

The cameras are still rolling as the cameramen turn back to the chase unfolding live scene in the park as the weather anchor abandons the show to run after Martin. She eventually coaxes the ‘camera hog’ of a dog to give the microphone back but not before he takes a nibble or two off the colorful windscreen covering the microphone.

Either way, it appears Martin got what he may have wanted the whole time, his own segment and 15 seconds of fame. Or perhaps he merely wanted a good rub down. We will never know but I am sure the entire news team rejoiced when they were able to get back on track with the weather and a new furry reporter!

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

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