Military Best Friends Share Heartwarming Reunion After 3 Years Apart

Military Best Friends Share Heartwarming Reunion After 3 Years Apart

A video of military best friends sharing a heartwarming reunion after spending three years apart went viral on TikTok. It can be rare to see men express emotions about anything, let alone to their friends!

John Taylor’s wife, Rachel, set up the reunion at his graduation party. She planned for his buddy, Justin Crockett, to surprise him during the event.

Rachel said that their families were stationed together for three years in Japan. How could they not grow close in this situation!

You can tell in the video that the surprise was a jaw-dropping moment for John. John had no idea and seemed to yell for joy. He even dropped the large package of water bottles he was holding in order to hug his friend Justin!

Apparently, one hug wasn’t enough for this pair. John basically jumped up and wrapped his legs around Justin like a child would! Clearly this brought emotions John just couldn’t hold back.

We all have friends and family that we may not be able to see for extended periods of time, especially during the pandemic. We all know how it feels to finally be reunited with loved ones that play such a huge part in our lives, even if they’re not physically there.

Watching John and Justin’s reunion will warm your heart, make you smile, and make you excited to finally see those family and friends that you’ve had to stay away from for so long.


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