Michelin Star Restaurant Serves Woman Her Own Freezer Meals For Hilarious Prank

Michelin Star Restaurant Serves Woman Her Own Freezer Meals For Hilarious Prank

We all love a good home-cooked meal from Mom, but what do you think Mom would say if a famous chef were to serve her own food to her? Watch as 2-Star Michelin chef, Michel Roux Jr, serves one unsuspecting British granny meals she herself prepared, straight from her own freezer in this hilarious prank.

Upon arriving at the taping of the popular British television show, 'Michael McIntyre's Big Show', wife and mother Margaret, sat in the audience alongside her husband completely unaware she was about to become the star of the show.

After being singled out by McIntyre in front of the whole audience, Margaret is visibly suspicious and confused but continues to go along with the bit.

McIntyre then mentions Margaret's cooking, specifically the frozen meals she had prepared in her freezer. The grandma's eyes widen in shock and confusion as she looks up on the big screen to see a picture of her very own house on display.

A shocked Margaret then watches as McIntyre shows her a video of her husband inviting McIntyre into their house while she is gone. The audience laughs as McIntyre takes Margaret's own cooking from her freezer to the restaurant of a 2-Star Michelin chef with the intention of serving it back to her.

Margaret gasps, laughs, and stares at her husband in shock as she suddenly realizes that the fancy meal they had eaten that night had been prepared by her.

Hidden cameras show Margaret and her husband as they are served Margaret's frozen meals under the guise of a five-course French meal.

In the kitchen we see McIntyre and the chef heating up and presenting the food artistically before serving it up to Margaret and her husband. When asked for a review of the food she had eaten, the unsuspecting Margaret even stated, 'The chicken could use some spice.'

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