Teen Prays Over Wounded Bat And God Heals Him

Teen Prays Over Wounded Bat And God Heals Him

God truly works in the most incredible ways. Even when we might not realize He is there, the Lord is working behind the scenes in ways we cannot even imagine. From the tiniest of creatures to the biggest disasters in the world, God is there for us through each and every one. And there is never anything too small or not worth the time for the Lord.

This particular video is the perfect reminder that God is so good and He is always right there beside us. Tyler Coates was in his backyard when he spotted a wounded bat on the ground. He wasn’t sure how to help the bat or if he should even touch him, so he decided to post a video on Facebook to see if anyone else knew what to do.

He immediately started to get comments and decided that the best thing he could do for this bat would be to pray over it. So Tyler kneeled down on the ground and he put his hand over the bat’s belly. He began to pray for the Lord to heal this wounded bat and before Tyler was even done with the prayer, the bat began to stir.

Then, by a miracle of God, this tiny creature got up and flew right off. Tyler was in such amazement that his prayer had been answered. He shouted, ‘God cares about His animals.’ And this entire moment is all captured on video. Who else is in awe of God’s healing power?

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