Reporter Rocks Rescued Bear Cub To Sleep And His Reaction Is Priceless

Reporter Rocks Rescued Bear Cub To Sleep And His Reaction Is Priceless

Now that we’re past the age old question,“what does the fox say?” a new question has been raised . . . “What does the baby bear say?” This little rescued bear cub is making the most adorable sounds during it’s nap. We can hardly stand it!

When news reporter Shara Park was given the opportunity to hold a little bear cub, she jumped at the opportunity! But she wasn’t expecting to have the miracle touch when it came to putting baby bear cubs to sleep not once, but apparently twice! This little ball of fluff found the perfect position for an afternoon nap and snuggled right up to this reporter. It wasn’t long before the bear cub was making all sorts of cooing and “purring” sounds.

“I have the touch!” Shara exclaimed. “I can die and go to heaven now!”

The little bear could not be more content just napping away while Shara rocks it and gently pets behind the ears. Clearly deep in slumber, it’s arms and legs are so relaxed. The baby bear’s sounds continued to get louder and louder until it startled itself awake and repositioned itself for another snuggle (and perhaps some snacks!).

The little bear has found just the right person to love on her and give all the love that her own mother would have given! We admit we’re a little jealous and now want to go and find a rescued bear cub that might need a little extra loving. We’re sure we have “the touch” too!

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