Heart-warming Video Shows Amazing Puppy Surprise for Young Girl

Heart-warming Video Shows Amazing Puppy Surprise for Young Girl

7-year-old Annalease Harris had been asking for a puppy of her own for a very long time. When she finally received her “puppy surprise” she was overcome with emotion.

The puppy sat quietly waiting for her in an empty carton of Kentucky Fried Chicken. When Annalease rounded the corner, presumably coming from school, her Mom, Lindsay Harris, is heard on the video saying that she purchased a carton of chicken for the girl.

Thinking it was time for dinner, Annalease turned to the counter and instead saw the most adorable tiny puppy!

“That is not ‘Kentucky’, that is a puppy!” she exclaims in the video.

Quickly dropping her books, Annalease cannot wait to squeeze on the adorable French Bulldog puppy. But she’s so overcome with emotion that the girl begins crying and leaning on her mom. Of course, the little puppy, named Marvel, wants to know how much longer he has to pretend to be chicken!

Her Mom shared that she had been planning the puppy surprise for the young girl as an early birthday present. Annalease is a huge animal lover and already owns a pet snake, lizard, and two rabbits! Mom knew that Marvel was the doggie for their family and had picked him out and visited several times before being able to bring him home to her daughter.

“They both play all the time,it took her awhile to get use to him playing a lot and those little baby teeth,they walk together in the park every day.”

It’s clear that these two are going to grow up to be dear friends!

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