Teacher's Hilarious Christmas Parody 'All I Want For Christmas Is Glue'

This science teacher has some hilarious thoughts on all those Christmas gifts she gets from parents each year. And just watch how she puts them to song to the tune of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.' Mrs. Juliane Codd Toce is a sixth-grade science teacher in Richmond Virginia.

Mrs. Codd Toce's school inspires kids to learn by combining academics and the arts. So when she got the great idea to make this Christmas video, her students were all in! Her hilarious Christmas parody titled ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Glue’ will leave you rolling.

While the teachers greatly appreciate the kindness of parents during Christmas, sometimes there are lots of things teachers need more than a mug. And what this funny teacher needs more than anything is glue. I love how she shares that message through one hilarious song! And all of her students are so excited to be a part of this video.

So parents, before you get your kids’ teachers that trinket, maybe send out an email to see if there is something they could really use! After all nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like glue!
Source: Juliane Codd

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