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Inspirational Parody of Let It Go by Alan Gilman

Parody of Disney's Frozen "Let It Go," as sung by Idina Menzel. / "Let It Go" original lyrics/music written by Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez. / "Let It Show" parody written & performed by Alan Gilman.

Like so many others, I have been really taken by "Frozen" - a wonderful movie that portrays an amazing, and, in many ways, biblical, love story. The song, "Let It Go" is a musical highpoint and a powerful and effective plot device within the movie. Queen Elsa is singing about her newfound freedom in finally being who (she thinks) she really is. Tragically she doesn't realize that in her wake she has left great devastation, which if left unresolved, will mean the horrible deaths of her sister and subjects. Elsa will eventually find genuine freedom through sacrificial love, but not until much later. "Let It Go" as a standalone song interestingly expresses the heart's desire of the current culture, just as Elsa thinks that personal freedom comes from self-expression and the breaking of societal boundaries. My (serious) parody is a reminder that true freedom comes when we hear and obey the God of the Bible even when it's difficult.

This song is dedicated to my son Joshua (you have inspired me to face the storms!).

Special thanks to Nathan and Mike Boucher for their generous provision of recording and audio editing services.

Lyrics: © 2014 Alan Gilman

For more information: http://alangilman.ca/videos/letitshow.html

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