Topeka Bible Curch 2007 Christmas Light Show Promo

This entire show was done on a 3-story building with LIVE musicians!!! In order to see the musicians in the windows, we used lights on the INSIDE of the building (blacklights, LED floods, and strobe lights). The musicians wore florescent tape to glow when the blacklights came on. The music you are hearing was NOT recorded. The 16 musicians were in 11 different windows - so they couldn't even hear or see each other. We wrote out the string section music from Trans-Siberrian Orchestra so they could play along. We constructed the light sequences to a "click-track" (a steady beat with the music) - then had the musicians play along to the click-track. Over 4,000 people were able to view the show - which was completely free (no donations or tickets) to the public. This was our first attempt at a light display.

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