Warrior (A song for Patrick)

The song “Warrior” was born out of a desire to honor all those fighting this fight. First and foremost, it is a tribute to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who deserves our praise and is at the center of this fight.

But it is also for Patrick, who is fighting harder than most 10 times his age. It is for his parents, who stand together in faith, never leaving his side. It is for the doctors and nurses who have given their best for Patrick. Finally, it is for all the prayer warriors, many who have never met Patrick, but who have come together in unity to pray for this precious baby.

Written by: Lee Aguilera, Zach Allen and Tina McMahel

Produced by: Eric Copeland and Creative Soul Records

Engineered by: Diego Cadogan

Lead Vocal: Lee Aguilera

Background Vocals: Zach Allen and Lee Aguilera

Guitar: Zach Allen

Percussion: Christian Taylor

Keyboards: Eric Copeland

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