Top 7 Songs That Can Help You through Depression

Music has a way of filling the soul when the soul feels empty. For anyone struggling through depression it is a very empty feeling place to be. There are holes to be filled and it’s hard to know where to start or even want to start. It is often a challenge for the one who is depressed to think about what they need, know what they feel or have the motivation to seek out hope.

“Music is what feelings sound like.” ~Author Unknown

Music is often such a great connecting point from the emptiness that our soul feels to experiencing the fullness of God love and healing power. It’s a beautiful thing. These seven songs can offer hope to the hurting heart with messages of encouragement and inspiration.

If you are reading this today and finding that your soul is in need of refreshment or you are looking for a connection to God for any reason, I hope you’ll take time to listen to these 7 songs. There’s a reason why you’re here and I’m confident that God will meet you right where you are.

Citizen Way “When I’m With You”

Depression is a lonely place to be. I’ve found myself at times being around thousands of people and feeling so very alone. The comforting melody and lyrics of this song will allow us the space to admit we’re not okay and realize that God already knows this. We can believe that when we’re with God it is okay to be real. We may hide from others but we cannot hide from God.

When I’m with You, I feel the real me finally breaking through.

Hawk Nelson “Diamonds”

We don’t get to choose our circumstances. Sometimes our circumstances are chosen for us. We can find ourselves in a place that we didn’t want to be but in God’s all-knowing plan and with our surrender, he can turn it into something better than we imagined – like diamonds out of dust. This upbeat tune begins with the powerful force of a drumbeat, which to me symbolizes the intense pressure we may feel when we’re being crushed by depression. That same pressure can also feel like being “crushed by love”.

Here in the ashes I’m finding treasure.

MercyMe “Dear Younger Me”

Can you think back to a time when life was not so hard or painful or sad? Would you go back if you could? What would you tell yourself back then? What would you hope to be different? Clearly we can’t go back in time but we can choose to have a better outlook for our future. What if we told ourselves now that we could take whatever comes and decide to find hope and joy in it? That everything we will encounter could have the opportunity to make us stronger and grow closer to Christ? While our past doesn’t define our future, it is still a part of who we are. What if what seems to bind could very well be the catalyst to our freedom?

You are holy.
You are righteous.
You are one of the redeemed.
Set apart a brand new heart/
You are free indeed.

Sara Groves “Floodplain”

Sara Groves has such a beautiful way of soothing our sadness with her soft voice and heartfelt lyrics. In this uncomplicated piano driven melody, those of us who feel deeply and love deeply, those of us whose hearts are prone to being flooded, are encouraged to see the rain as a gift rather than a curse. When we find our hearts are flooded, God will meet us there. We might not be able to find our rest at the mountaintop right now but we can find our footing on the floodplain.

Some hearts are built on a floodplain. Keeping one eye on the sky for rain.

John Tibbs “Everything I Need”

Depression is a thief. It robs us of our words, our voice. Jesus nailed our shame and our sadness to the cross, took it to the grave then walked out of that tomb leaving it all behind. We can remember that in the depth of our emptiness, the cross is also empty. Let this song flow over you and remind you that Jesus is everything you need to feel alive again. When you feel you’ve lost everything else, Jesus is everything you need.

Though my weakness ties my tongue,
I sing of every good
You've done Take every scar and broken dream,
I lay them at Your feet
There You come alive in me, in me.

Fellowship Creative “Stars”

What if we worshipped Christ the same in the dark days as we did in the days of light? Depression can blind us to the fact that help is available. Sadness and loneliness cripples our sightline to the point where we more easily see the internal than the external. God is out there – in the stars. Let the stars light the way for you to find your way to finding yourself in Him. He is faithful to show you the way.

“Just as the stars shine the brightest in the darkest skies, His faithfulness shines the brightest in the darkest times of our lives.”

Laura Story “Till I Met You”

We can navigate our struggles, heartache, pain and depression with more hope when we know Christ. Perhaps we could muddle through without Christ, as some do, but I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to do so. If we have a key to open the door, why would we crawl through the window? If we have access to a cure, why would we pass that up? If we have perfect love, truth, peace and grace, why would we not grab ahold of them as if our life depended on it? Fall into the arms of Christ today. Rest your weary soul in His arms. He’s ready to meet you.

I never knew love.
I never knew truth.
I never knew peace, the sweet release,

You're the one who brought me through.
And I never knew freedom, what grace could do.
The broken chains, the hope that saves, a life made new.
Till I met You.

May the Holy Spirit use these songs to fill your soul. As the music plays, may you begin to feel refreshed and renewed and connected to the power of Christ. May you find hope to keep living until you feel alive.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NIV)

Article by Andrea Stunz

I’m a born-and-raised Texan who enjoys any adventure that requires a passport. As a Christ-following pilgrim, I’m a lover of stories and a connoisseur of sunrises and coffee - best when served together. I listen to a wide range of musicians with Andrew Peterson, Jimmy Needham and Bethel Music being just a few of my favorites. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me in the kitchen or spending time with those I love.