Kristen Chenoweth: Christian Faith, Bio, & Quotes

Kristin Chenoweth is such an accomplished stage, television, and film actress that it is almost hard to imagine so much talent can come from such a tiny stature. At 4’11 this dynamo has set herself apart with her bubbly personality, incredible vocal range, and her Christian faith. Though she may be small, Kristin Chenoweth is mighty when it comes to her love for the Lord. Read on to find out more about the background, beginnings, and beliefs of this multitalented star.


Kristin Chenoweth was born in Oklahoma in July of 1968. She was brought home by her parents, Jerry and Junie and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her older brother, Mark. Kristin attended Broken Arrow High School and sang gospel for her church before heading to Oklahoma City University to study musical theater. She later added to that degree with a masters in Opera Performance. Shortly after graduation, Kristin won the role of Arabelle Rittenhouse in the play Animal Crackers and put aside a scholarship to Philadelphia’s Academy of Vocal Arts to move to New York City during the play’s run. Following that production, she continued to utilize her extensive vocal training, landing starring roles in such Broadway productions as Steel Pier(her debut), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (for which she won a Tony award), and her star making turn as Glinda in Wicked. It was from the success of Wicked that Kristin began to gain recognition in the television and film worlds, quickly landing roles in the short lived television series Paramour and the television production of Annie. Kristin even starred in her own self-titled sitcom, for one season before moving onto guest appearances on such shows as Frasier, Ugly Betty, and The West Wing.  It was her role as Olive Snook in the television series, Pushing Daisies that would lead to her first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supportive Actress in 2008. The following year she won the award in the same category. She would go on to be nominated twice more for her role as April Rhodes on the television series, Glee. In 2010, Kristin was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. She continues to work extensively in film, television, and stage and has released several successful albums, as well as an autobiography titled, A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages.


Kristin has never been afraid to speak publicly about her religious views, though she has faced criticism for her stance as a self-described, “non-judgmental, liberal Christian.” She has been a believer from a young age, attending services and singing gospel at local churches in her home state of Oklahoma. At the age of 12, she performed a solo at the Southern Baptist Convention, notably singing the song, “Four Feet Eleven” The chorus, “I’m only 4’11” but I’m going to heaven…” directly referenced both her small stature and her faith and gained Kristin early notice in the gospel field. Kristin has described herself as a, “spiritual kid” and has said that she thought often as to whether her future was to be as a “missionary or musician.”  It was her mother who pointed out that she could do both, as Kristin had the opportunity to be a missionary in one of the hardest places- Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Kristin takes this responsibility seriously, saying she knows that being outspoken about her faith sets her up as an example, but it is a challenge she welcomes:

“One of the things I’ve always wanted to accomplish as an entertainer is to let people know there are real people in the real world trying to be what God wants them to be.”

Additional Quotes from Kristin

"Faith in God is the most precious gift any parent could give their child”

"If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy."

“I am a Christian and I don't want there to be any confusion about what I believe or who I am. I don't believe gay people are going to hell. I believe that judgment is left to the one upstairs and I believe Jesus is all about love. If I can live my life even just a smidgen the way God made his son for us as an example, I'm happy. I do not judge other people for what they believe, but for me, this is what works.”

I want to be a Christian like Christ - loving and accepting of other people.”         

Final Thoughts

Kristin Chenoweth is the type of performer who doesn’t fit neatly into any preconceived ideas about fame. From her short stature to her huge voice, from her small town upbringing to her big city career, from her deeply held morals to her open personality, she has managed to defy categorization. Instead she has built a career that is solidly based on her abundant talent, and based in God’s abundant love.

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