Top 40 Christian Contemporary Bands Of Today

Christian contemporary music is a blossoming genre for the music industry.  We continue to see Christian music breaking through into the mainstream media’s attention.  Such instances as when For King And Country had their hit single “Proof Of Your Love” become a huge success on YouTube, or when Skillet’s “Hero” became the theme song for Sunday Night Football a few seasons ago.  More and more people are becoming exposed to Christian music and subsequently becoming hooked on the positive messages and uplifting  music.  There are so many great musicians out there now but this is a look at the top 40 bands going today. 

40. Finding Favour

Albums – “Finding Favour,” “Slip On By”

Singles – “Hallelujah We Shall Rise,” “I Am,” “Open Hands,” “Love Stepped In,” “Slip On By,” “Hero,” “Shake The World

39. Superchick

Albums – “Karaoke Superstars,” “Regeneration,” “Beauty From Pain,” “Rock What You Got,” “Reinvention”

Singles – “Stand In The Rain,” “Hold,” “Hero,” “Get Up,” “Courage,” “One More,” “We Live,” “One Girl Revolution,” “Cross The Line,” “Rock What You Got,” “Crawl,” “Hey Hey,” “Beauty From Pain,” “Alive,” “Big Star Machine”

38. Jesus Culture

Albums – “Everything,” “We Cry Out,” “Your Love Never Fails,” “Consumed,” “My Passion,” “Come Away,” “Awakening,” “Emerging Voices”

Singles – “Your Love Never Fails,” “Break Every Chain,” “Rooftops,” “Your Love Won’t Relent,” “One Thing Remains,” “Holy,” “Let It Rain,” “Come Away”

37. Pillar

Albums – “Metamorphosis,” “Original Superman,” “Above,” “Fireproof,” “Where Do We Go From Here,” “The Reckoning,” “For The Love Of The Game,” “Confessions”

Singles – “Frontline,” “Fireproof,” “Bring Me Down,” “Shine,” “For The Love Of The Game,” “Hypnotized”

36. Hillsong United

Albums – “Look To You,” “Unidos Permanecemos,” “All Of The Above,” “The I Heart Revolution:  With Hearts As One,” “Hillsong United:  Live In Miami”

Singles – “Hosanna,” “Lead Me To The Cross,” “Awesome God,” “Desde Mi Interior,” “None But Jesus,” “Sovereign Hands,” “From The Inside Out,” “The Stand,” “Freedom Is Here,” “Came To My Rescue,” “Like An Avalanche,” “Fuego De Dios,” “Desert Song,” “Take It All,” “Holy, Holy,Holy”

35. Unspoken

Albums – “Unspoken,” “Get To Me”

Singles – “Who You Are,” “Reasons,” “Words,” “Hurts,” “The Ghost Inside,” “Red Line Chemistry”

34. Citizen Way

Albums – “Should’ve Been Me”

Singles – “Should’ve Been Me,” “How Sweet The Sound,” “Nothing Ever,” “Live,” “Love Is The Evidence,” “Songs

33. Building 429

Albums – “Listen To The Sound,” “Space In Between Us,” “Iris To Iris,” “Glory Defined:  The Best Of Building 429,” “Preflight,” “Building 429,” “Rise,” “Flight”

Singles – “Where I Belong,” “Right Beside You,” “Listen To The Sound,” “You Carried Me,” “Glory Defined,” “Made For You,” “Always,” “The Space In Between Us,” “No One Else Knows,” “Searching For A Savior,” “Fearless,” “I Believe/Jesus Is The Answer,” “One Foot,” “Walls Are Coming Down,” “I Believe”

32. Disciple

Albums – “What Was I Thinking,” “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy,” “This Might Sting A Little,” “By God,” “Back Again,” “Disciple,” “Scars Remain,” “Southern Hospitality,” “Horseshoes & Handgrenades,” “O God Save Us All”

Singles – “O God Save Us All,” “Draw The Line,” “Slayer,” “Invisible,” “Things Left Unsaid,” “Dear X You Don’t Own Me,” “Game On”

31. Addison Road

Albums – “Addison Road,” “Stories,” “Some Kind Of Spark,” “Breaking Beautifully,” “Not What You Think”

Singles – “Hope Now,” “What Do I Know Of Holy,” “This Little Light Of Mine,” “Sticking With You,” “Fight Another Day,” “Won’t Let Me Go,” “All That Matters,” “Don’t Wait,” “Change In The Making,” “Need You Now,” “My Story,” “Start Over Again,” “Run,” “Show Me Life,” “This Could Be Our Day”

30. Out Of Eden

Albums – “Lovin’ The Day,” “No Turning Back,” “This Is Your Life,” “More Than You Know,” “Love,Peace, & Happiness,” “Out Of Eden:  The Hits”

Singles – “Every Move I Make,” “Here’s My Heart,” “Lovely Day,” “Meditate,” “Soldiers,” “Different Now,” “Have Mercy,” “River,” “Now I Sing,” “Day Like Today,” “I Know,” “Praise You,” “Love, Peace, & Happpiness,” “Window,” “This Is Your Life”

29. DC Talk

Albums – “DC Talk,” “Nu Thang,” “Free At Last,” “Jesus Freak,” “Supernatural”

Singles – “In The Light,” “What If I Stumble,” “Jesus Freak,” “Consume Me,” “Supernatural,” “Colored People,” “Say The Words”

28. Big Daddy Weave

Albums – “Love Come To Life,” “What Life Would Be Like,” “Every Time I Breathe,” “Christ Is Come”

Singles – “Redeemed,” “Love Come To Life,” “Every Time I Breathe,” “Let It Rise,” “Audience Of One,” “What Life Would Be Like,” “Field Of Grace,” “You Found Me,” “Trust And Obey,” “Hold Me Jesus,” “Jesus Move,” “If You Died Tonight,” “You’re Worthy Of My Praise,” “Stay,” “Overwhelmed”

27. Sidewalk Prophets

Albums – “Sidewalk Prophets,” “You Love Me Anyway,” “These Simple Truths,” “Live Like That”

Singles – “The Words I Say,” “You Can Have Me,” “Hope Was Born This Night,” “You Love Me Anyway,” “Live Like That”

26. Phillips, Craig, And Dean

Albums – “Favorite Songs Of All Time,” “Top Of My Lungs,” “Breathe In,” “Let My Words Be Few,” “Hope For All The World,” “Fearless,” “Phillips, Craig, And Dean,” “The Worship Collection,” “Where Strength Begins,” “Lifeline,” “Repeat The Sounding Joy,” “My Phillips,” “Craig And Dean Playlist,” “The Ultimate Collection,” “Restoration,” “Let The Worshippers Arise,” “Trust”

Singles – “Great I Am,” “Revelation Song,” “When The Stars Burn Down,” “You Are God Alone,” “When God Ran,” “Let My Words Be Few,” “Christ Is Crucified,” “Your Name,” “Mercy Came Running”

25. The City Harmonic

Albums – “Introducing The City Harmonic,” “I Have A Dream”

Singles – “Manifesto,” “I Have A Dream,” “Mountaintop,” “Holy (Wedding Day)”

"The Truth" (Judges 5:11) To the sound of musicians at the watering places, there they repeat the righteous triumphs of the Lord, the triumphs of his righteous villagers in Israel. Then down to the gates marched the people of the Lord.

24. The Afters

Albums – “I Wish We All Could Win,” “When The World Is Wonderful,” “Never Going Back To Ok,” “Light Up The Sky”

Singles – “Beautiful Love,” “Light Up The Sky,” “Lift Me Up,” “Ocean Wide,” “Say It Now,” “Summer Again,” “Myspace Girl,” “We Are The Sound,” “Until The World,” “I Am Yours,” “All That I Am,” “You,” “Keeping Me Alive,” “For The First Time”

23. Luminate  

Albums – “Welcome To Daylight”

Singles – “Heal This Home,” “Love Is Loud,” “Never Give Up,” “Banner Of Love,” “Welcome To Daylight”

22.  Stellar Kart

Albums – “Expect The Impossible,” “All Gas,” “No Brake,” “We Can’t Stand Sitting Down,” “Everything Is Different Now,” “Life Is Good:  The Best Of Stellar Kart”

Singles – “Me And Jesus,” “Life Is Good,” “Innocent,” “A Love Song,” “Something Holy,” “We Shine,” “Activate,” “Jesus Loves You,” “Everything Is Different Now,” “Shine Like The Stars,” “Procrastinating,” “Hold On,” “Letters,” “Automatic,” “All My Heart”

21. Remedy Drive

Albums – “Remedy,” “Daylight Is Coming,” “Light Makes The Way,” “Rip Open The Skies,” “Magnify”

Singles – “All Along,” “Daylight,” “Better Than Life,” “Resuscitate Me,” “Heartbeat,” “Glory,” “God I Hope So,” “What Are We Waiting For,” “Make It Bright,” “Speak To Me,” “Stand Up,” “Hope,” “Crystal Sea,” “Valuable,” “Upgrade”

20. Seventh Day Slumber

Albums – “Once Upon A Shattered Life,” “Finally Awake,” “Take Everything,” “The Anthem Of Angels,” “Picking Up The Pieces,” “Freedom From Human Regulations,” “Matthew 25”

Singles – “Awake,” “From The Inside Out,” “Surrender,” “Last Regret,” “I Am Not The Same,” “Caroline,” “When The Children Cry,” “Lead Me To The Cross,” “How Great Is Our God,” “Oceans From Rain,” “Mighty To Save,” “Wasted Life,” “Candy,” “Every Saturday,” “Missing Pages”

19. Cloverton

Albums – “The End Is The Beginning”

Singles – “Take Me Into The Beautiful,” “The End Is The Beginning,” “God Help Me To Be,” “Hallelujah”

18. Group1Crew

Albums – “Outta Space Love,” “Ordinary Dreamers,” “Group1Crew”

Singles – “He Said,” “His Kind Of Love,” “Forgive Me,” “Live It Up,” “Movin’,” “Goin Down,” “Keys To The Kingdom,” “Walking On The Stars,” “Please Don’t Let Me Go,” “Manipulation,” “Wait,” “Breakdown,” “The Difference,” “Can’t Go On”

17. Robbie Seay Band

Albums – “Give Yourself Away,” “Better Days,” “Ten Thousand Charms,” “Robbie Seay Band Live,” “Miracle,” “Dreamer”

Singles – “Song Of Hope,” “Beautiful, Scandalous Night,” “Shine Your Light On Us,” “Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go,” “Rise,” “Let our Faith Not Be Alone,” “Come Ye Sinners,” “Miracle,” “Kingdom And A King,” “Awaken My Soul,” “Your Love Is Strong,” “We Are Not Alone,” “Stay,” “Lament,” “O Great Love”

16. Kutless

Albums – “Hearts Of The Innocent,” “Kutless,” “It Is Well,” “Sea Of Faces,” “Strong Tower”

Singles – “What Faith Can Do,” “Even If,” “Strong Tower,” “Promise Of A Lifetime,” “Take Me In,” “Carry Me To The Cross,” “Remember Me,” “All Who Are Thirsty,” “Everything I Need,” “Not What You See,” “Sea Of Faces,” “All The Words,” “We Fall Down,” “It Is Well,” “Better Is One Day”

15. Hawk Nelson

Albums – “Crazy Love,” “Letters To The President,” “Live Life Loud,” “Smile, It’s The End Of The World,” “Hawk Nelson….Is My Friend!,” “

Singles – “Words,” “Bring ‘Em Out,” “Live Life Loud,” “Friend Like That,” “Crazy Love,” “Everything You Ever Wanted,” “Hello,” “California,” “Alleluia,” “I Still Miss You,” “Zero,” “Shaken,” “The One Thing I Have Left,” “Take Me”

14. Audio Adrenaline

Albums – “Audio Adrenaline,” “Underdog,” “Some Kind Of Zombie,” “Until My Heart Caves In,” “Don’t Censor Me”

Singles – “King,” “Big House,” “Leaving,” “Dirty,” “Get Down,” “Hands And Feet,” “Ocean Floor,” “Underdog,” “Leaving 99,” “Goodbye,” “Some Kind Of Zombie,” “The Houseplant Song,” “Summertime,” “Kings And Queens”

13. Barlow Girl

Albums – “Another Journal Entry,” “How Can We Be Silent,” “Our Journey…So Far,” “Home For Christmas,” “Barlow Girl”

Singles – “Never Alone,” “I Need You To Love Me,” “Beautiful Ending,” “Mirror,” “Hope Will Lead Us On,” “Enough,” “Surrender,” “Sing Me A Love Song,” “Porcelain Heart,” “Average Girl,” “Hallelujah,” “Thoughts Of You,” “Psalm 73,” “Keep Quiet”

12. Newsboys

Albums – “Born Again,” “In The Hands Of God,” “Adoration:  The Worship Album,” “Not Ashamed,” “Take Me To Your Leader”

Singles – “God’s Not Dead,” “Something Beautiful,” “In Christ Alone,” “He Reigns,” “You Are My King,” “Your Love Never Fails,” “I Am Free,” “Born Again,” “Shine,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Breakfast,” “Mega Mix,” “It Is You,” “The League Of Incredible Vegetables,” “In The Belly Of The Whale”

11. David Crowder Band

Albums – “A Collision,” “Church Music,” “Can You Hear Us?,” “The Remedy,” “All I Can Say”

Singles – “The Glory Of It All,” “Come Thou Fount,” “O Praise Him,” “How He Loves,” “Thank You For Hearing Me,” “Doxology,” “I Saw The Light,” “How Great,” “Here Is Our King,” “Oh, Happiness,” “Everything Glorious,” “No One Like You,” “Undignified,” “Never Let Go,” “Open Skies”

10. Casting Crowns

Albums – “Come To The Well,” “Until The Whole World Hears,” “The Altar And The Door,” “Lifesong,” “Casting Crowns”

Singles – “Who I Am,” “Glorious Day,” “Praise You In This Storm,” “East To West,” “Slow Fade,” “Set Me Free,” “Voice Of Truth,” “If We Are The Buddy,” “Courageous,” “Jesus, Friend Of Sinnes,” “Already There,” “Does Anybody Hear Her,” “Lifesong,” “Until The Whole World Hears,” “Let Me Feel You Shine,” “Blessed Redeemer”

9. Jars Of Clay

Albums – “Jars Of Clay,” “The Long Fall Back To Earth,” “Good Monsters,” “The Shelter,” “If I Left The Zoo”

Singles – “Love Song For A Savior,” “Flood,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love,” “Worlds Apart,” “Dead Man,” “The Valley Song,” “God Be Merciful To Me,” “Sunny Days,” “Oh My God,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “Like A Child,” “Work,” “Two Hands”

8. Switchfoot

Albums – “Vice Verses,” “Hello Hurricane,” “Learning To Breathe,” “The Beautiful Letdown,” “Nothing Is Sound”

Singles – “Meant To Live,” “Dare You To Move,” “Dark Horses,” “You,” “Your Love Is A Song,” “Only Hope,” “This Is Home,” “This Is Your Life,” “We Are One Tonight,” “Learning To Breathe,” “Gone,” “Stars,” “On Fire,” “Afterlife”

7. Skillet

Albums – “Comatose,” “Awake,” “Collide,” “Alien Youth,” “Rise,” “Invincible,” “Skillet,” “Hey, You I Love Your Soul”

Singles – “Monster,” “Hero,” “Awake And Alive,” “Whispers In The Dark,” “Rebirthing,” “Falling Inside The Black,” “Comatose,” “The Last Night,” “Lucy,” “Those Nights,” “One Day Too Late,” “Never Surrender,” “Live Free Or Let Me Die,” “Savior,” “Believe”

6. Third Day

Albums – “Miracle,” “Move,” “Revelation,” “Wherever You Are,” “Wire,” “Offerings 2:  All I Have To Give,” “Come Together,” “Time,” “Offerings 1:  A Worship Album,” “Conspiracy No. 5,” “Third Day”

Singles – “I Need A Miracle,” “Cry Out Jesus,” “Born Again,” “Love Song,” “Offering,” “Carry My Cross,” “Thief,” “Children Of God,” “Revelation,” “Your Love Oh Lord,” “King Of Glory,” “Trust In Jesus,” “Show Me Your Glory,” “Communion,” “You Are So Good To Me”


Albums – “The Outsiders,” “The Heat,” “Daylight,” “A Collection Of The Fire And Turnaround EP’s,” “Live Horses EP,” “The Feature”

Singles – “Something Beautiful,” “Keep Your Eyes Open,” “Wahsed By The Water,” “Lay’Em Down,” “Devil’s Been Talkin’,” “More Time,” “Slumber,” “The Outsiders,” “Girl Named Tennessee,” “Shine On,” “Drive All Night,” “A Place Only You Can Go,” “Let Us Love,” “Signature Of Divine”

4. Mercy Me

Albums – “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” “All That Is Within Me,” “Almost There,” “The Christmas Sessions,” “Coming Up To Breathe”

Singles – “I Can Only Imagine,” “You Are I Am,” “The Hurt And The Healer,” “Beautiful,” “Word Of God Speak,” “Homesick,” “Move,” “Love Of God,” “Bring The Rain,” “All Of Creation,” “Finally Home,” “God With Us,” “Here With Me,” “Nails In Your Hands,” Lord I Lift Your Name On High”

3. For King And Country

Albums – “Crave”

Singles – “Busted Heart,” “Light It Up,” “Crave,” “Proof Of Your Love,” “Middle Of Your Heart,” “Baby Boy,” “One Fine Life”

2. Tenth Avenue North

Albums – “The Light Meets The Dark,” “Over And Underneath,” “Speaking Of Silence,” “Don’t Look Back,” “The Struggle”

Singles – “Worn,” “By Your Side,” “You Are More,” “Losing,” “Healing Begins,” “Beloved,” “Times,” “Love Is Here,” “Hold My Heart,” “The Struggle,” “Strong Enough To Save,” “Hallelujah,” “Oh My Dear,” “Let It Go,” “On And On”

1. Sanctus Real

Albums – “Say It Loud,” “Fight The Tide,” “The Face Of Love,” “We Need Each Other,” “Pieces Of A Real Heart,” “Run”

Singles – “Promises,” “Lead Me,” “Forgiven,” “The Redeemer,” “Whatever You’re Doing,” “I’m Not Alright,” “Eternal,” “We Need Each Other,” “Run,” “Take Me Over,” “The Face Of Love,” “Don’t Give Me Up,” “Beautiful Day,” “Keep My Heart Alive,” “Everything About You”

These are the top 40 Christian contemporary bands rocking the air waves these days.  This list will certainly continue growing just like the popularity of Christian music as a whole continues to grow in mainstream importance.  Let The F&E team know if we missed one of your favorite bands in the comment section below.

Resources- The Holy Bible, English Standard Version“Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”,,photo credit: mrsoulmark via photopin cc