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The Dangerous Culprit
In what areas of your life have you been struggling with temptation?

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No One's Gathering [BMI]

Holiday Gatherings have some of the greatest memories of my life. Based on the actual events of my family, the intent of this song was not to depress anyone who heard it...but to motivate each listener to 'cherish' the gatherings they have with their family. We never know if one of our family-members will be 'missing' at the next gathering. Written after Daddy died, I attempt to walk you through the deepest sorrows of my life, and the account of how our family 'slipped away', when the 'rock' of our clan...Mama...was gone. Original recording was at Hilltop Studios in Nashville in 1986, and compiled in my '30th Anniversary of I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven' CD, at SonSound Studios in 2003. Take time to 'gather' with your family! There will come a time when... 'No One's Gathering'. [Pictures used in the powerpoint video are photos of my family...most of them from the 1970's...the one with me, Mama, and Daddy was taken in 1956.]

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