2/3 The Power in Presenting our Heads to God His Angels during Church Meetings

A 3 part video discourse which thoroughly analyzes 1 Corinthians 11:2 - 16 wherein the Apostle Paul under the inspiration of God's Holy Spirit explains to the Christians in Corinth and everywhere else in the world for that matter (1 Cor 1:2), a firm & powerful church tradition. He describes to them just how Christian men & women of all times should properly present their heads to God and His holy angels during their church meetings in order to obtain power from the angels.

I believe that there is great power hidden within this passage which the faithful will only be allowed to find here and nowhere else in the Bible. I believe that God has constrained certain powers of His holy angels to be granted only to those who believe in & properly practice the tradition of the church described within these verses. I believe that God does this because He desires that His words in these verses should never be discarded as being irrelevant by Christians of any epoch.

So this teaching includes a few testimonies of the powers of God that have been granted to a few believers when by faith they made the proper presentation to God and His holy angels of their physical heads. It also includes a testimony of how God empowered me to overcome the false objections of a Greek scholar who opposed the truth in this teaching.

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