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Itching Ears
Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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"The Song of Songs" Song - from the Book of Solomon

Knowing Jesus is knowing "love." However, Jesus' love is not like any others' love. He can be a refiner, and like soap, a father that will chasten his children, and a mother hen who hides her chicks under her wings. Those who yield to him, will become holy and pure like he is.
To those who have tasted his goodness, they only want more of him. Like an athlete, the training brings results that help him to want to train even harder, to learn to follow ever closer. They begin to taste his sweetness and how he intimately knows everything about them.
The book of the Song of Solomon has spiritual analogies in it for Christians who also love him.

From "The Sun of Righteousness" CD

Cathy Friedlander

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