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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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In 2012 a small peace of Land called: Monongahela National Forrest

West Virginia USA was overrun by a powerful government control

America would not have thought possible.

The People who are living in this area, are being forced to be enslaved and kept prison under the new authority of Leader Charles Shinmann.

Charles Shinmann also created a small army called the Anti-Religion-Force (A-R-F) that monitors and eliminates People from any Religious backgrounds of any kind.

The National Forrest of Monongahela has also been surrounded by the

(A-R-F) that keeps People from entering or exiting the National Forrest.

He also had been given authority to all the Human rights and lives as well.

In this Powerful story, God himself raises up a small group of young People to break the curse of Satan in this corrupted Land and to break His People free from bondage.

This is not a true story but it is carrectariesed in how God worked when He delivered His people out of Egypt and also is going to deliver His People out of the hands of Satan.

Hiding Place is an action drama film that comes down in trusting God alone for surviving the impossible Journey.

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