Ingrid Betancourt:former hostage"God makes all things right

&quot;The interview with the Pope was a dream come true.&quot; Ingrid Betancourt stated this in an exclusive interview with Vatican Radio, in collaboration with H2onews, after being received by the Pontiff. For this former presidential candidate, who spent six years in captivity, the words of encouragement from the Pope , heard by radio, were a source of great hope.<br />
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Addressing the 26 hostages still held as prisoners in the jungle by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Betancourt urged them to take refuge in God's Word:<br />
<br />
&quot;I have them all in my heart- I want them to have the strength to remain the heroes that I admire, to know that they too will get the blessing of their freedom, looking to the Word of God for the answer to many questions, and to know that God always makes things right.&quot;

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