The Angels & Mystery of Heaven - 5/6

"I saw on the four sides of the Lord of spirits four presences different from those that sleep not, and I heard the voice of those four presences as they gave glory before the Lord" The first, Michael, merciful and long-suffering, blesses the Lord of spirits
for ever and ever; the second, Raphael, set over the diseases of the children of men, blesses the Elect One, the Messiah and the elect ones who cleave to the Lord of spirits; the third, Gabriel, set over all the powers, intercedes on behalf of the inhabitants
of the earth; and the fourth, Uriel, set over repentance and hope of eternal life, prevents the Satans from accusing men." These four stand near the crystal throne of God, which is encircled by flaming fire, seraphim, cherubim, and ofanim. These beings are
referred to as "those that sleep not, and guard the throne of His glory" But Above these angels is seated the Most High, The Lord of Glory and seated at his right hand the Elect One.

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