Chilling Rendition Of 'Danny Boy' From Home Free's Austin Brown

Chilling Rendition Of 'Danny Boy' From Home Free's Austin Brown

Listen to this chilling rendition of the song ‘Danny Boy’ by Austin Brown from Home Free.

“Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, from glen to glen, and down the mountainside,
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling, it's you, it's you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow, or when the valley's hushed
And white with snow, it's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so!”

What a beautiful performance of this classic song! Austin Brown has such an amazing voice, and his good friend Sebastian who is playing the piano is very talented as well. What a great duo!

The song itself is just so soothing and peaceful, and Austin sings it with such a strong and clear voice. Listening to this will definitely bring some calm and serenity to your life!

“That was amazing!” writes someone on YouTube after watching the video. “So many sound like they are singing a love song -- but you sounded more like a father saying goodbye to a son lost to war, which is what the song is really about. The pianist hit it just right -- accenting the voice and not overpowering. A lovely collaboration. Thank you!”

At the end of the video, Austin Brown shares a message with his fans. “Thank you so much for watching this cover of one of the most iconic songs of all time,” he says. “A song I grew up loving and listening to. My grandmother loved it. I just want to say thank you for watching, seriously.”

We hope that you enjoyed watching Austin Brown from Home Free sing ‘Danny Boy’ and it was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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