Etta James ‘At Last’ Blind Audition Earns 4 Chair Turn

Etta James ‘At Last’ Blind Audition Earns 4 Chair Turn

A contestant on The Voice thoroughly impressed the judges during her blind audition, causing all four of them to turn their chairs for her.

Everyone who appears on shows like American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent wants to succeed and eventually make entertainment their full-time profession. But sadly, not everyone who auditions wins over the judges. Whether it be singing, dancing, an acrobatic routine or something else entirely, not everyone finds favor with the judges. 

But one young woman, Trisha Godinet, who appeared on The Voice Australia blew all four judges away with her outstanding audition when she covered Etta James’ classic, “At Last.” Her stunning vocals were enough for all four of the program’s judges to hit their buttons and turn their chairs.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Trisha sings the first two or three words of the song’s lyrics, and one of the female judges is impressed. By the time Trisha finishes the first line of the tune, that same judge has decided she’s heard enough. She wants Trisha and her remarkable voice on her team.

But that’s not all. Trisha continues to dazzle the judges and the studio audience. She hits several high notes in a row, causing two more judges – the show’s two male judges – to turn their chairs for her.

Before Trisha’s audition ends, the lone judge holdout – singer Rita Ora – does turn her chair for the young aspiring singer. 

If having all four judges turn for her wasn’t impressive enough, the first judge who turned for Trisha is spotted dancing along to the sweet sounds coming from the stage.

Trisha’s audition was astounding. With a little bit of coaching, which those four industry professionals will provide her with, she could go on to have a fantastic career in the music industry.

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord;”

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