Simon Cowell Hits Golden Buzzer For 13-Year-Old Opera Singer Malakai Bayoh

Simon Cowell Hits Golden Buzzer For 13-Year-Old Opera Singer Malakai Bayoh

One young man brought down the house with his stunning operatic performance, earning himself a Golden Buzzer in the process.

People have the unique ability to surprise, going beyond and exceeding all expectations. Young people, especially, are often looked down upon. Most think of children and teenagers as incapable of accomplishing outstanding feats. However, that could not be further from the truth.

Malakai Bayoh, a 13-year-old from London, stunned everyone, including the judges, with his marvelous opera performance on Britain’s Got Talent. In the clip posted on YouTube, the young man confidently walks on stage and exchanges pleasantries with the judges, often giving short, to-the-point and hilarious answers.

Then Malakai announces he’s going to sing, something which he hopes to do full-time at some point in the future. Seconds after the music begins, Malakai belts out the first lyrics, shocking nearly everyone. A look of total and utter shock comes over Simon Cowell’s face. His eyes widened in amazement!

It is jarring to hear such a voice from someone so incredibly young. Malakai’s performance is so beautiful that it moves people to tears. One of the judges has tears welling up in his eyes. The camera also catches a couple of audience members who wipe tears from their eyes.

The young man is simply unbelievable, blessed with the voice of an angel!

Simon, when giving the young man his thoughts on his performance, keeps it short and sweet.

“Malakai, there’s only one word I could use to describe that: golden,” he says.

Simon then reaches over and slams the Golden Buzzer, sending gold-colored confetti falling from the sky!

Malakai takes in the moment as he attempts to catch pieces of the falling paper. He then changes his celebratory strategy and begins making snow angels right on stage in the fallen confetti. 

Simon walks up on stage, gives the young man a hug and continues to heap praise on him.

“I mean seriously, seriously good,” he says. “One of the best voices that I’ve ever heard for someone your age. This is amazing!”

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”

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