Even Johnny Carson Cannot Get This Baby Orangutan To Crack A Smile

Even Johnny Carson Cannot Get This Baby Orangutan To Crack A Smile

Watch this funny video of Johnny Carson trying to get a baby orangutan to crack a smile on his show.

On this clip from "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson," host Johnny Carson greets two very cute baby orangutans from the San Diego Zoo.

“We have raised about 22 at the zoo,” says the zoo handler who brought the two orangutans onto the show. “And I know that our orangutans are fond of you, and everybody loves to see our latest babies. Oliver is only 2 ½ months.”

As she says this, she holds up baby Oliver and passes him to Johnny Carson. What an adorable baby orangutan!

Once Johnny Carson starts to look at Oliver as he holds him, he starts to crack up! He finds his adorable face so funny and cute. “Well, there’s a face and a half,” he says.

The handler lets Johnny Carson know that this is Oliver’s first time out of the zoo nursery and the first time on any show. Then Johnny Carson asks why Oliver looks so sad, and the zoo handler lets him know that orangutans get more expressive as they get older, just like humans.

Later in the clip, Johnny Carson starts to imitate Oliver’s face and starts to laugh again. And man, does he have a great laugh!

Many people online shared about how Johnny Carson was always able to make them smile and laugh.

“I always loved Johnny Carson and especially enjoyed when he had animals on his show.  His laugh was absolutely contagious,” wrote one person after watching the clip on YouTube.

“The baby is so cute! Also, there is nobody like Johnny Carson. His expressions alone made you laugh,” another person commented online.

We hope that you enjoyed this throwback clip from "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and baby Oliver was able to bring a smile to your face!

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