5 Siblings With 5 Pianos Perform Christmas Classic 'Sleigh Ride'

5 Siblings With 5 Pianos Perform Christmas Classic 'Sleigh Ride'

You have to check out this fabulous video of five siblings playing five different pianos while performing the Christmas classic ‘Sleigh Ride.’

In the video, The 5 Browns are performing who are five sibling pianists – Deondra, Desirae, Gregory, Melody, and Ryan. And they all are Julliard-trained pianists! The pianos that they are playing on are crafted by Steinway & Sons, who are makers of some of the world’s finest pianos.

“Here, they perform an enchanting five-piano version of Leroy Anderson’s ‘Sleigh Ride,’ wondrously arranged by Steinway Artist Greg Anderson, at the New York Steinway Factory,” reads the caption of the video.

It is remarkable to watch them all play at the same time, and it is so fun to compare their different styles as well. They not only sound wonderful together, but look so cool, too! They are like a full orchestra with just pianos! And having all the pianos open lets the viewer see the inner workings of the instruments which is very fun.

“Put a smile on my face and joy in my heart,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “What talent!”

“Brilliant arrangement of this classic, and very well played, indeed. Kudos,” writes another person online.

The song in this video is featured in their latest release on the Steinway & Sons label, “Christmas With The 5 Browns.” This video is part of Steinway & Sons’ Music & Vision series, which delivers performances across musical genres in wide-ranging locations, featuring instruments crafted by Steinway & Sons.

Five pianists, five different expressions. What a treat! We hope that you enjoyed watching this beautiful piano arrangement of ‘Sleigh Ride’ today!

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