The DOUG WHITE Born Again Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 3

Doug White heard about God. But hearing about God and getting to know God is entirely two different things. There were different times that Doug planned on getting serious about getting to know God, but it seemed like one thing or another got in the way, and it always sort of got postponed.

Doug did what most others do as they leave their teens and go into their 20s. He searched for a job/career that would bring some meaning to living. A promotion at the job he was working at came about, and it seemed like moving up the ladder of success energized him some in that area of life.

When he was at home, his favorite escape was to listen to his music and smoke pot.

Then one day his wife decided to leave him, and that is when he began to realize what he was about to lose: His marriage and family.

He had always just taken his wife and children for granted, but now suddenly, they were gone.

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