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The Violin

One day in 1831, in an auction house in London, an old, black, dirty violin was up for sale. It was confirmed to have come from Cremona in Italy and was 120 years old. It had been made by the famous Stradivarius.

The Auctioneer started the proceedings off at 10 Euros and managed, with some difficulty to reach the sum of 200 Euros but the bidding stopped there.

"Now see here gentlemen, 200 Euros for an instrument worth its weight in Gold, dating from 1700? An authentic Stradivarius masterpiece?"

The Auctioneer's efforts seemed to be in vain when suddenly, into the room walked a man dressed in a velvet garment. As if drawn by a magnet, he approached the table, took the violin from its case and examined it with a connoisseur's eye. He lifted up the bow. Complete silence fell in the room. Several people who recognized him murmured amongst themselves, « It’s Paganini! »

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