Amy Grant - It Is Well With My Soul/The River's Gonna Keep On Rollin' On

This song was originally on Amy's "Legacy" CD, and it is also on her new Hymns CD called "Be Still And Know". The heart of the song is the "river" one, but it also includes a verse of the old hymn "It Is Well With My Soul." As a side exercise you might want to Google the history of that hymn. Very interesting. "The River Keeps On Rollin'" was written by Amy's husband Vince Gill, and he also plays mandolin (he can play anything with strings, and play it well.)

(The album "Be Still And Know" is very nice as long as you don't already have Amy's other two Hymn albums, "Legacy" and "Rock Of Ages". Most of the songs on "Be Still And Know" are repeats from those two albums. There are only about five new songs. But, if you don't have both of those albums already, then this is a good one to get.)

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