Top 7 Christian Metal Songs That Non Metal Fans Will Still Like

So this is an interesting topic that I am hoping will spread more love to the Christian metal community.  Metal is something you pretty much love or hate.  It’s extreme in its sound and aggressive style.  However, it also gets labeled with many false pretenses.  If you are not a metal fan, this article is for you!  I am going to pinpoint specific things about each song that I want you to check out.  See what you think!  Here are 7 Christian metal songs that you may very well enjoy (or at least parts of) with my favorite lyrics for each.  These are in no particular order, but these 7 songs are ones that I think will have an impact on you.

Collapse, War Of Ages

This song is for all who love a great guitar solo!  The main riff of the chorus is very catchy and easy to get in to.  But listen to the solo of this song.  Steve Brown shreds on this one with serious skill!  The solo starts at about 2:42 into the song.

Favorite Lyric – “Through the blood of a Savior, our death shall set us free!”

Hide In The Fairytale, Theocracy

This song is for those who like clean vocals.  This band never screams or growls.  And they are really good!

Favorite Lyric – “Darkness and light.  Feed the new man and tear the veil.  See the old man dying.”

The Bird And The Snake, Wolves At The Gate

This song is strictly for the lyrics, although much of it is clean vocals.  The song’s message is powerful about how easy it is to give in just a little more each time and sin.  Eventually we are a slave to it.  Only through repentance and Jesus can we escape it.  These lyrics are from the “snake” who has the “bird” ensnared.  This is the lie that Satan wants you to believe.

“Fool don't you see, you haven't a choice!  No one will listen, hear out your voice!  You're lost and accursed (lost and accursed)!  You're dying of thirst (dying of thirst)!  Stop with your fighting, I'm all you've got!  None hear your crying!  You're hooked and caught!”

Breathe Into Me, Red

This is a transition song that is perfect for going from rock into metal.  Red is not a metal band but some of their songs are very heavy.  This song has mostly clean lyrics and a very catchy melody.  Check it out!

Favorite lyric – “Breathe Your life into me!  I can feel You!  I'm falling, falling faster!  Breathe Your life into me, I still need You!  I'm falling, falling!  Breathe into me!  Breathe into me!”

One Thousand Apologies, Demon Hunter

This is one is a ballad with some very sincere lyrics about regret.

Favorite Lyric – “And knowing what I've done to you, with every thought you suffer through, my heart as black as evil can.  And everything I could have been, erased by what I wanted then.  I couldn't think a lesser man.”

Instrumental, War Of Ages

The title speaks for itself.  This is a beautiful instrumental piece by WOA.  Close your eyes and let the music take you away!

I Am The Lion, Phinehas

This song sums up the other 6.  It is the heaviest song on this list.  It does have screams and growls during most of it, but if you are wanting to get into metal than this is something you need to get used to haha!  The guitar solo in this song is so ridiculous!!!  The guitar riffs are catchy!  Everything about it is perfect!  Here are the words to the whole song!

Son of mine!
Can you hear the sound?
Hear the sound of this repetition like clockwork?
I'm always peeling back your skin
To rip the legions from your heart!
Every scar you leave yourself
Is a jewel in the making
I would give you passion
Yet you've turned your back!

Like a devil of details
(Cut your throat)
You're so addicted!
You'll swing the hammer
I'll turn your nails to gold!

Like a devil of details
You're so addicted!
You'll swing the hammer
And I'll turn your nails to gold!

You will know My voice
When the hair on your neck stands up!
I opened this door
And I will bring the end!

All gives way and all will fall
To their knees and beg for grace!
Son of Mine, these letters
I swear have not been burnt!

My heart, a child
Trembling in sight of His wake
(Trembling in sight of His wake)
Is longing to rest in the hollow of Your hand
I know now what it is to be helpless
Like a foot on my neck to the ground
Is longing to rest in the hollow of Your hand
Here I am!
I await you!


My heart, a child
Trembling in sight of His wake
(Trembling in sight of His wake)
Is longing to rest in the hollow of Your hand
I know now what it is to be helpless
Like a foot on my neck to the ground
Is longing to rest in the hollow of Your, hollow of Your hand

You will know my voice!  Here I am!
I am the Lion!

Clear the path!
I am the Lion!
You brood of snakes!
I am the Lion!


These are 7 songs that I hope you have given a chance.  Metal has many facets to it and many metal bands sing about topics that most contemporary artists don’t touch, like abortion and suicide.  God bless you all and if metal is still not for you then that’s okay!  Peace brothers and sisters!

Article by Derek Hill

I am a Christian blogger with passions in music, games and news. I enjoy all kinds of music, with my favorite being Christian metal(all kinds). Some of my favorite bands are The Devil Wears Prada,  Living Sacrifice(1997-present), and Becoming the Archetype. I enjoy many kinds of games including 1st/3rd person shooters, platformers, RPG’s and many more. I am a big fan of the multiplayer online games including the Call of Duty franchise of games. I have been saved since I was 9 years old. I am also a father of 2 beautiful children and I love it!