Alice Cooper: Bio & Christian Faith

Many people will recognize the name Alice Cooper, especially those of an older generation. Becoming a pioneer in Rock and Roll music, Cooper certainly made a name for himself. By experimenting with a number of musical styles, he was able to wow crowds night after night. However, despite being a huge name in the musical world, there are still some people who may not know of the legend of Alice Cooper, even though they may hear his music on the radio, commercials, or just about anywhere else. This article will describe part of his biography and then even speak of his self-proclaimed Christianity.


Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948. At a young age, Vincent was required to be active in his church, which was part of the Latter Day Saints Movement. His father was a preacher and his paternal grandfather was considered an apostle within the movement. For part of his childhood he grew up in Detroit, until moving to Phoenix Arizona.

As a young teen, Furnier was very interested in music. At 16 years of age, he decided to gather some school friends and form a band, named The Earwigs, in order to play in the local talent show. For the show, however, neither Furnier nor his friends knew how to play an instrument, so they pretended to be the Beatles and lip sang the songs. They enjoyed this experience so much to where they decided to learn how to play instruments and form a legitimate band, which they eventually named The Spiders.

But, just where did “Alice Cooper” come into existence? In 1968, Furnier and his bandmates needed a new stage name, after learning that their currently used one (Nazz) was already taken. They went to the drawing boards and decided on the name Alice Cooper. An urban legend suggests that the name came about after fooling around with a Ouija board. Whatever the case may be, it was in fact chosen and became a very important decision for the band as a whole and Furnier specifically. The band was very much into showmanship and stirring up controversy, so they used many props throughout their show, often inspired by horror movies. In fact, Alice Cooper (Furnier) dressed up in bizarre clothing that often shocked listeners. Eventually, they gained recognition (albeit much of it was negative) and became signed by a musical record company. After some time, Furnier took the Alice Cooper name for himself, as the bands lead vocalist.

Much of Alice Cooper’s (Furnier, specifically) onstage presence went against his childhood upbringing in the Latter Day Saint movement. However, the band continued with their “shock rock” music and continually gained notoriety. In the summer of 1972, the band put out one of their most famous and listened to songs, “Schools Out.” It was the band’s first big hit single, propelling them even further in the public’s eye.

Christian Faith

After learning all of that, it seems doubtful to many that Alice Cooper was a Christian. However, in recent years Cooper has come out time and time again, stating that he is a born-again Christian. For most people, it’s hard to think of Alice Cooper as ever being a Christian. His songs and onstage presence, which often included torture props, blood, snakes, and a lot of horrific scenes, deter people from accepting any type of claim that he could be a Christian. The Gospel, however, would show otherwise. Within the pages of the Bible, people see that redemption is available to all people, so long as they willingly accept it. In fact, the Apostle Paul considered himself the chief of all sinners, knowing that he used to murder Christians before his conversion. So, is Alice Cooper really a Christian? That might just be between him and Jesus. But, it does appear that Cooper has been attending Bible studies, entered into Christian Counseling with his wife, and has been outspoken (especially in his book) about how he became a Christian and was able to put down alcohol.


It’s understandable that people would have their doubts about Alice Cooper, but judgment isn’t always up to us. All we do know is that he appears to have converted to Christianity, and has admitted it himself. Whatever the case may be, it’s undeniable that Alice Cooper is an incredibly gifted and creative man who has made an impact on the music industry, especially Rock and Roll. If you’re interested in learning more about Cooper, be sure to check out his book.