Travis Cottrell


'What A Beautiful Name/Agnus Dei' - Travis Cottrell And Lily Cottrell - Christian Music Videos

There's nothing quite as powerful as the name of our Lord and Savior. Just hearing His name brings up feelings of strength, love and light. Today, the talented vocals of Travis and Lily Cottrell are giving praise to His name with their amazing rendition of 'What A Beautiful Name' and 'Agnus Dei.' I just love these two songs and when you really listen to the powerful words it touches a special place in your heart. This amazing medley truly points us back to the true focus of worship which is Jesus Christ. There is truly no one like our Lord and I'm so thankful that He has blessed us beyond measure. What an amazing performance from this talented duo. Who else is in awe of their joy and love for our King? What a powerful name, indeed!