'Spirit Rise' Travis Cottrell Acoustic Performance

'Spirit Rise' Travis Cottrell Acoustic Performance

In this acoustic performance, Travis Cottrell sings the new song ‘Spirit Rise.’

The song is full of beautiful lyrics and themes about God’s grace and mercy. The writers of the song were Steve Fee, Jesse Reeves, Alex Howard, Marcus Dawes, and Travis Cottrell. The scripture references that they used when writing ‘Spirit Rise’ were 2 Corinthians 3:17, Isaiah 60:1, and Psalm 145:1-3.

“Even at my worst I know You're with me
You promise I will never be alone
Even when I walk into valley
You won't let me go

Every word You whisper draws me deeper
You break the lies and fill my heart with truth
You are faithful and You are my keeper
I’m safe here with You”

After the group performs ‘Spirit Rise,’ which is full of beautiful harmonies and uplifting music, Travis Cottrell sits down to talk a bit more about the song and how it came to be.

“I love that this whole chorus is centered around the Holy Spirit coming to glorify Jesus,” he shares. “Glorify Jesus in our lives. Glorify Jesus around us. Glorify the Father. I love that about the lyrics.”

Travis then goes on to talk about collaborating with the multiple artists who helped create ‘Spirit Rise.’ “There were a lot of writers on this song,” he says. “Jesse Reeves was a guy that I had met on another co-write. As we were leaving that day, he said he had another song or two that he would like me to look at. ‘Spirit Rise’ was the first one he sent me, and the first listen just drew me in. There was something about it, something just so simple, and to me it has a welcoming spirit about it.”

Being a worship leader, there’s a lot of thought that Travis puts into the type of music he makes for the Church. “As a worship leader, I think about giving people moments with the Lord,” he explains. “I feel like this song has this open spirit about it. Like you could open a worship set with it, you could close it, you could put it anywhere. And it’s an idea, a sentiment, a thought, and really a theological truth that fits anywhere in worship.”

Travis ends the interview with an impactful thought. “The one thing that is made for God and nothing else and no one else is worship. To be worshiped.”

‘Spirit Rise’ is a wonderful song that we can use to worship our great God and bring glory to His name!

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