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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Finding the Faith to Slay the Giants RSTESOT Style (1))

The call of a Watchman... As I am forced to know and learn prophecy, I have compared it side by side with CNN, CCTV (China) BBC, and others to prove the End Times are upon us... It freaks me out, and to gain strength and be of strong courage, I add in inspirational cuts... Facing the GIANT of being a Watchman for God and dealing with the Spiritual Warfare retaliations is what this series will entail. The truth of the the word, the truth of the world events, and the truth that without the spirit of god we can and will do nothing.... Help me help him build his kingdom.... In the name of YHVH and his son YSHUA (God and the son) I pray for a mighty working of the comforter on these works to show and telll the world of his glory, his love, and his forgivieness as he warned all of us that it will happen... Its happening and the rapture has not... I fear for all, I pray for all, and I will speak till they take my tongue, and type till they take my fingers. IN CHRIST THE LORD AND MASTER OF LEGIONS I PRAY, AMEN,

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