Best NEEDTOBREATHE Songs: Top Ten of All Time

NEEDTOBREATHE is one of the hottest Christian music groups going today. They have a very unique and distinct sound.  It’s hard not to know when it is Bear Rinehart belting out the vocals for NEEDTOBREATHE.  Named after the iconic football coach Bear Bryant from Alabama, Bear Rinehart attended Furham University and won the 2002 Banks McFadden trophy as a wide receiver.   Bear’s brother, Bo Bryant attended Clemson University, both brothers were involved heavily in music during college. After graduating the brothers formed the band with 2 friends from college, Seth Bolt and Joe Stillwell.  Stillwell actually announced he was leaving the band in July 2012.  They have had 4 major releases to date, and have many hit songs off of those albums.  Here is my list of the 10 best songs with highlighted lyrics and commentary.

Albums-  Daylight, The Heat, The Outsiders, The Reckoning

Band Members- Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart, Seth Bolt, Josh Lovelace(touring), Randall Harris{touring}

10. Nothing Left to Lose

Album: The Heat

Favorite Lyric- “When we stand in the face of the world falling down, in your hands you hold the pen.  What’s your answer for the end.”

Here the song is reminding us that even when it feels like the world has grabbed ahold of us, we can rejoice in all circumstances that he is the author of our journey.

9. More Time

Album: The Heat

Favorite Lyric- “I hoped that you could understand, that this is not what I had planned.”

My wife could certainly relate to hearing these lyrics, but probably all of us at some point has needed to say this to someone.

Bonus Favorite lyric- “Cause I know we can make it if we try.”

Now to tie into the last lyrics, when we find ourselves in a position saying how did we get here, this wasn’t the plan.  We can also hold on to our faith and make it through any situation.  I can no longer count the number of times where I have been saved by grace and mercy.

8. Washed by the Water

Album: The Heat

Favorite Lyric-“Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet. Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me.”

God’s healing power is incomprehensible and conquering.  So even if our troubles arise involve loved ones.  We just have to trust in God that he will make “All Things” work for good.

 7. Don’t Wait for Daylight

Album: Daylight

Favorite Lyric- “ Searching eyes are on fire, for the answers you hide.  Would you let them find the light.”

These lyrics speak to me and make me imagine how impossible it is to reach God’s understanding and how awesome he is.  Things happen in this world that we couldn’t possibly fully understand and that is why Jesus left us the gift of the “Holy Spirit” to help and comfort.

6. These Hard Times

Album: The Outsiders

Favorite Lyric- “We hide like thieves in shadows, scared of the sun, cause we know your light will find us.  Us and all we’ve done.”

This is a great song and these words make me think of judgement, and we can not hide, we must answer the call.  But no matter what we’ve done we are offered peace and forgiveness.

 5. Lay Em Down

Album: The Outsiders

Favorite Lyric-  “All you sinners and the weak at heart, all you helpless on the boulevard.  Wherever you are now, whatever evil you’ve found.  Bring all of your troubles and lay em down.”

This is actually the song with which I discovered “NEEDTOBREATHE”, it reminded me of why I go to communion.  Because the Lord made that provision, so we would be able to lay down our troubles.

4.  Streets of Gold

Album: The Heat

 Favorite Lyric- “And someday we’ll walk upon the streets of gold.”

This is a very popular song which Nascar has recently used in promotional ads. One of my favorites because it makes me think of Heaven.  It’s hard to wrap your mind around what Heaven will be but it sure is fun to imagine.

"The Truth" Revelation 22:14- Blessed [are] they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

3. Slumber

Album:  The Reckoning

Favorite Lyric-“Days; they force you back under those covers.  Lazy mornings they multiply.  Glory’s waiting outside your window. Wake on up from your slumber.”

I love these lyrics; how it talks about being stuck in one of the ruts of life.  But life is choice, so if wake up to it, Jesus is right there for us and has always been.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open

Album: The Reckoning

Favorite Lyric- “Don’t let the night become the day, don’t take the darkness to the grave.  I know pain is just a place where the will has been broken. Don’t let the fear become the hate, don’t take the sadness to the grave.  I know the fight is on the way, when the sides have been chosen.”

This is one of their more recent song titles that has become very popular.  For me this song is speaking about rejoicing in the Lord and staying humble as a Christian.  He is our stronghold.

 1. Something Beautiful

Album: The Outsiders

 Favorite Lyric-  “In your ocean I’m ankle deep, I feel the waves crashing on my feet.  It’s like I know where I need to be.  But I can’t figure out, yeah I can’t figure out just how much air I will need to breathe, when your tide rushes over me.  There’s only one way to figure out, will you let me drown, will you let me drown?”

An absolutely beautiful song about trusting in God.  God will not give us more than we can bear, will make things work for good in our lives and gave his only begotten son for us.  That is something beautiful that was done for all of us.

I’ve had fun making my list of 10 favorites from NEEDTOBREATHE.  Let me know what your favorite song is or if I left a good one off the list.  I think this band is only getting started and with such a distinct sound will be mainstays in the Christian music scene for years to come.


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