11-Year-Old Yodeler Blows The Judges Away With Unique Talent

11-Year-Old Yodeler Blows The Judges Away With Unique Talent

One young woman showed off her stunning and unique musical talent during her jaw-dropping audition on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

God has equipped everyone with different talents and skills. Some have a gift for woodworking or creating magnificent structures with their hands. Others may find they have a knack for teaching, inspiring or motivating. Still, some people may be blessed with the ability to create mouth-watering dishes in the kitchen. Regardless of someone’s skill or gifts, everyone seemingly, with relative ease, can spot talent in others. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, 11-year-old Sofia Shkidchenko went on Ukraine’s Got Talent. After stepping out on the stage, in her back-and-forth with the show’s judges, Sofia states that she can yodel. 

Yodeling is not an often heard or listened-to form of singing. However, seconds into Sofia’s audition, it’s painfully obvious that this young woman has an abundance of talent. There is no disputing that fact. 

She begins her audition by dancing along to the music. But then, moments later, she begins singing and starts yodeling as well. The studio audience and the judges are quickly impressed by young Sofia.

Her ability to yodel is remarkable enough, but then she takes things up a notch. She begins yodeling at an even faster rate, causing the studio audience to react with a frenzied round of applause and a smattering of cheers and shouts. By the end of her performance, Sofia has the studio audience on their feet, giving her a standing ovation.

The judges, according to the subtitles, showered the young woman with compliments for her stunning performance. One of the three judges mentioned that she felt as if Sofia’s audition had transported her to the Alps, calling it “stunningly great.”

Not surprisingly, all three of the program’s judges gave Sofia yes votes. 

Yodeling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Sofia has a lot of talent. 

James 5:13 “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let him say prayers. Is anyone glad? Let him make a song of praise.”

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