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  • Baby Hears Music For The First Time Baby Hears Music For The First Time
    15-month-old Owen Montoya was born deaf. But that hasn't stopped this sweet boy from living his best life. Today, Owen is getting an amazing surprise as he recently underwent surgery in Phoenix, Arizona, to place a cochlear implant in his left ear...kidsarecute2018-01-09T15:46:007,840 views00:00:00
  • Florida Toddler Sees Snow For The First TimeFlorida Toddler Sees Snow For The First Time
    There's nothing like playing in the snow when you're a child. A lot of us remember bundling up and heading outside to sled or have snowball fights. But some people never have that opportunity. This toddler and his family live in Tallahassee, Flori...kidsarecute2018-01-09T15:17:008,596 views00:00:00
  • Target Employee Has Dance Off With A ToddlerTarget Employee Has Dance Off With A Toddler
    There's a lot of people in the world who love Target. I know that every time I walk in the store, I get excited just like this precious 2-year-old girl. Just watch as sweet Evallyn and her mommy, Stefanie visit Target and the most adorable dance p...kidsarecute2018-01-08T10:02:121,127 views00:00:00
  • Quadruplets Cannot Stop Hugging Each OtherQuadruplets Cannot Stop Hugging Each Other
    Bedtime can be a fun event, especially between siblings. And that's exactly what is happening for these adorable quadruplets sharing goodnight hugs. Abigail, Emily, Grace, and McKayla are all identical quadruplets. They have identical features wi...kidsarecute2018-01-08T09:58:08944 views00:00:00
  • 19-Day-Old Twins Cuddle With Each Other19-Day-Old Twins Cuddle With Each Other
    There's something so special about the relationship between two siblings. And for twins, it's truly a bond that is unbreakable.

    Just watch these precious 19-day-old twins as they cuddle together in the crib. These newborns have barely experien...
    kidsarecute2018-01-04T13:33:0029,189 views00:00:00
  • 5-Year-Old Gospel Singer Performs 'Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’5-Year-Old Gospel Singer Performs 'Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’
    Harry Connick Jr. loves to bring talented artists onto his show. He's always looks for musicians on the rise and Harry gives them a chance to show off their skills on national television.

    Today, Harry has invited 5-year-old gospel sensation Ca...
    kidsarecute2018-01-03T14:50:54124,981 views00:00:00
  • Boy Takes A Photo A Day For 10 YearsBoy Takes A Photo A Day For 10 Years
    Jordan Wilson took a photograph of himself every single day for 10 years.

    He started this incredible journey when he was just 13 years old and now he's 23. I know making this video had to take a lot of time and dedication but it's truly amazin...
    kidsarecute2017-12-28T16:05:10614 views00:00:00
  • Twin Babies Make Each Other Laugh At DinnerTwin Babies Make Each Other Laugh At Dinner
    There's nothing like the special bond like the one bond between twins, especially when they can enjoy a laugh at any chance they get.

    Just watch as these adorable twin boys make each other laugh at dinner time. While Seth and Simeon are waitin...
    kidsarecute2017-12-28T12:43:49756 views00:00:00
  • Sisters Give Funny Advice For Every Problem In LifeSisters Give Funny Advice For Every Problem In Life
    Do you feel sometimes feel discouraged by everything that is going on in the world? Well, these two adorable little girls give advice for when life appears to be going all wrong.

    Young Dani and Dannah love to share advice that even us adults d...
    kidsarecute2017-12-28T12:34:427,634 views00:00:00
  • Kids Get A Puppy For Christmas After 5 YearsKids Get A Puppy For Christmas After 5 Years
    For over 5 years, these 3 siblings have been begging for a dog of their very own. Every single Christmas and birthday, each child would ask for one thing only but they never received their puppy.

    Their parents had even told them that they did ...
    kidsarecute2017-12-19T15:29:132,241 views00:00:00
  • Sweet Girl Finds Santa Shopping At WalmartSweet Girl Finds Santa Shopping At Walmart
    When this sweet girl spotted an older man with a white beard shopping at Walmart, she knew she had seen Santa. That's when she ran right up this him in the middle of the aisle because she had something to tell him.

    Just watch as this kind stra...
    kidsarecute2017-12-12T14:32:133,241 views00:00:00
  • Funny Toddler Tries To Say 'Ice Cream'Funny Toddler Tries To Say 'Ice Cream'
    Little Delta is being seen all over the internet and when you watch this precious toddler, you'll understand exactly why. This sweet tot is still learning all of her words so sometimes things don't come out quite right.

    Just watch as her daddy...
    kidsarecute2017-12-06T15:28:002,011 views00:00:00
  • Baby Boy Smiles Hearing Parent's VoicesBaby Boy Smiles Hearing Parent's Voices
    Little Asher was born deaf but this sweet little boy is now getting the gift of a lifetime. Just watch as this baby receives a hearing aid that lets him hear his parent's voices for the very first time.

    It's such a heartwarming moment when Ash...
    kidsarecute2017-12-06T11:27:00633 views00:00:00
  • Girl Cries When She Becomes A Big SisterGirl Cries When She Becomes A Big Sister
    9-year-old Zoe was in the for the surprise of her life when she opened up a box with a cupcake. For years after she was born, Zoe's parents had tried for another sibling. Despite fertility treatment and procedures, they were unable to conceive ano...kidsarecute2017-12-05T14:51:45552 views00:00:00
  • Toddler Hugs Everyone At Her ChurchToddler Hugs Everyone At Her Church
    An adorable little girl is melting the hearts of people all over the internet. Just watch this cute toddler as she stands in a pew hugging ever church member that walks by. This sweet gesture has gone viral and now her big heart is being shared ev...kidsarecute2017-11-30T10:00:109,906 views00:00:00
  • Children's Choir Sings Mark Schultz 'When Love Was Born'Children's Choir Sings Mark Schultz 'When Love Was Born'
    The One Voice Children's Choir is known all over for their amazing vocal talent. The choir consists of over 30 talented children and teens and these kids may be small but their voices are huge.

    Just listen as these talented children cover the ...
    kidsarecute2017-11-29T12:05:385,815 views00:00:00