Little Girl Born In 2020 Thinks Everything Is Hand Sanitizer

Little Girl Born In 2020 Thinks Everything Is Hand Sanitizer

Apparently, when your first year of life is in the middle of a pandemic, you automatically assume random objects are hand sanitizer stations.

This little girl born in 2020 thinks everything is hand sanitizer and this video is taking the world by storm with more than 1.8 million views and counting. It’s just a testament to how different life is now compared to times before the pandemic.

Katie Lightfoot posted a video mash-up of clips of her daughter assuming every object she came across is a hand sanitizer station. She captioned it with, “When your first year of life is 2020, everything is a hand sanitizing station.”

In this adorable video, this toddler often dressed in soft pink ensembles is seen wandering to different things like a street light or a bulb in a brick and she goes into action to get her hands cleaned. Why not? We’ve gotten used to hand sanitizer stations being located on street corners, in hallways, and in grocery stores.

Hand sanitizing stations have become essential and a part of everyday life while living in a pandemic. People around the globe have adopted this new way of life.

Because of COVID, our way of life has changed. Hygiene and hand washing is the new norm and it shows! This sweet toddler is out on her morning walk with her mother when she tries to push buttons to wash her hands. She then walks away rubbing her hands as if she's washing them anyway!

While most people found it hilarious and adorable, others thought the pandemic seriously affected their lives and are still having trouble adjusting to the new normal. But we do know what thing for sure, this sweet little girl is thriving despite being born in a pandemic!
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