Twin Helps His Sibling Escape Crib During Nap Time

Watch this twin help his sibling escape his crib during nap time just to hang out together. Nothing can stop that sibling bond!

This adorable prison break was caught on nanny cam. Two twin toddlers decided they weren’t in the mood to take a nap one day, and luckily, their cribs sat side by side.

Watch the toddler on the left use his incredible strength and flexibility to hoist himself onto the crib rails as his brother quickly came to his aid. The right twin leaned over and grabbed his brother’s arms to pull him closer to his bed.

At this point, I got a little nervous because all of a sudden, this kid is some trapeze artist or gymnast on top of the rails. He didn’t seem shaken at all by the possibility of falling to the ground. He’s got some serious courage!

I definitely thought he wanted to get out of bed to explore, but the brother stepped back to give the acrobat some space. Eventually, he swung his other leg into the other crib and safely slid down to join his twin.

This kid was given the choice between freedom and his brother and he chose his twin — of course! Twins at this age are normally inseparable. How DARE their mom try to keep them in separate beds! Barely even slowed them down.

After he makes it into the other boy’s crib, the buddies hug each other in celebration. Little kids are just TOO wholesome. Even at such a young age, they already know that they can count on each other. We hope this brought some happy tears to your eyes like it did to ours.

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Source: RM Videos

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