God's Friend

Genesis 18:16-19
The Lord is a friend to those who fear Him
(Psalm 25:14).

If I were to tell you that the president of your country
is my friend, it’s likely you wouldn’t believe me. You
might even be tempted to call me a liar. But if your
president were to go on national TV and say publicly
that I’m his friend, then all doubts would fade away,
right? The facts would back up my claim.

Now, what if I told you that God is my friend? Let’s
check the facts, starting with the reality that God once
called Abraham “My friend” (Isaiah 41:8; see also
2 Chronicles 20:7; James 2:23). God said of Abraham,
“I have singled him out” (Genesis 18:19). Other Bible
translations render this as “I have chosen him” (NIV)
or “I have known him” (NKJV). These words speak of
divine election, of covenantal love, and of grace. Bible
commentator H. C. Leupold translated the phrase this
way: “For I acknowledge Him to be My intimate friend.”
A friend is someone with whom we aren’t afraid to
share our true struggles and intimate secrets. Friends
listen as we share our pain. When we have a problem,
to whom do we turn? Our closest friend. Amazingly,
when God had a burden, He shared it with His friend
Abraham (v.17).

You and I enjoy the same covenantal relationship with
God as the one Abraham experienced. We’ve been
chosen by God to be in His family (Ephesians 1:4-7).
And we’re chosen by Jesus to be His friend. For He said,
“You are My friends if you do what I command. . . . Now you are My friends,
since I have told you everything the Father told Me. You didn’t choose Me. I
chose you” (John 15:14-16).

Your very best friend is Jesus. Even if others let you down, He will be “with
you always” (Matthew 28:20). —K.T. Sim

According to John 15:12-
17, what did Jesus do for
you, His friend?

How would you describe
your friendship with
Jesus? How have you
been showing Him that
He’s your best friend?