Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

Trusting God’s Promise to Give Our Lives Purpose – Ep. 102

May 03, 2022   ●   16 min

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Do you sometimes feel as if your life is completely out of control and headed toward a dead end? Do you sometimes feel insignificant and like you’re simply trudging from one monotonous and seemingly irrelevant and unimportant task to the next? If so, hold tight to this: God hand-crafted you for a glorious purpose, one He will lead you to, so long as you seek Him and yield to His will.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode?
2. Based on Jeremiah 29:11, which Jodie read, what type of plans does God have for you?
3. Why is it important, in times of chaos and monotony, to trust that God has plans for us?
4. How might seeking God’s ultimate purpose for your life help you interpret your challenges today with hope and inspiration?
5. Can you share a time when God allowed you to see His purposes in a difficult or disappointing situation or season?
6. Can you share a time when God used you to love and comfort someone experiencing a challenge He previously carried you through?
7. What are some things you know to be true about God that can strengthen you for your current season and future challenges?
8. In this episode, Jodie discussed the nation of Israel’s behavior prior to God’s promise. How does knowing God promised them good after they’d persistently rebelled encourage you in terms of your past mistakes, sins, and failures?
9. What is one action step, based on today’s episode, God might be asking you to take this week?
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