Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

The Courage to Surrender Our Hurts to Jesus – Ep. 107

June 07, 2022   ●   17 min

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Life can be painful. And even Christians can carry wounds and brokenness buried deep within us. But God promises wholeness for His children and heals our brokenness. Still, the way He does it isn’t always the way we expect Him to work.

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1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode?
2. When have you needed to be healed of a deep wound that left you feeling broken?
3. How did you respond in that situation?
4. In what ways have you tried to heal yourself?
5. What did you learn about your ability heal your own wounds?
6. What caused you to seek God’s healing of your brokenness?
7. How did God respond to your need?
8. What did this situation teach you about your relationship with God?
9. What might your life look like if you committed to immediately seeking God’s healing when you are wounded?
10.What might God be asking you to do as a result of today’s podcast episode?
11.Who might God be prompting you to tell of His compassion to heal their wounds?
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