Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

The Courage to Let Our Kids Fail - Ep. 46

March 23, 2021   ●   29 min

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Most parents hate to see their kids struggle. It often grieves us to see them experience the pain of failure. But when we rescue them from the consequences of their behavior, become overly critical in our efforts to point them to success, or attempt to shelter them from life’s challenges, we inevitably stunt their growth. We might even raise children who become paralyzed to make decisions and embrace healthy risk.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery talks with counselor and speaker Brenda Yoder about why and how we can help our children grow through inevitable failures and develop the wings they’ll need to fly into adulthood.

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Resources mentioned:
Fledge by Brenda Yoder
The Beautiful Mess Mother-Daughter conference by Wholly Loved Ministries

Group Discussion Questions:

1. What are some reasons you find it challenging to allow your child/children to struggle?
2. How often is fear of personal failure involved in your response to your child’s failings?
3. When has God used struggle and failure to grow you?
4. How can remembering how God has grown you strengthen your heart to let your loved ones grow from their failures?
5. How can our unwillingness to let our children fail negatively impact their relationship with Christ? Their confidence?
6. What are some truths regarding God (His nature, power, or promises) help conquer your fears regarding your children's failures?
7. What is one “next right step” God is calling you to take this week?

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