Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Tara Rye and Jodie Bailey

The Courage to Fight Spiritual Battles - Ep. 30

November 24, 2020   ●   32 min

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Scripture makes it clear: we’re all in a spiritual battle, whether we recognize this or not. The question is, are we living as victims or victors?

In this episode, hosts Tara Rye and Jennifer Slattery speak with Minister Mark Ashton from Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska on how we, God’s children, can approach spiritual battles from a place of victory, knowing we have all we need in Christ to stand firm.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. What resonated with you most in this episode and why?
2. How readily do you recognize the spiritual battle behind challenges and conflict?
3. Why is it important to understand the impact all three influences, our sinful behavioral patterns, the effects of living in a broken world, and the spiritual battle around us when responding to difficulties?
4. What might it look like to live as a victim in this spiritual battle?
5. What might it look like to engage the spiritual battle from a place of victory?
6. If you’ve trusted in Christ for salvation, how does the assurance of that salvation strengthen you spiritually?
7. What might it look like to “put on” a shield of faith?
8. What are some common ways you’ve found yourself under attack spiritually?
9. What truths in Scripture can help you fight that recurring battle?
10. What are some ways you are intentionally building your belt of truth (growing in truth)?

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Malte_Mueller
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